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What Does It Mean to be Customer-Centric?
Ed SullivanJan 25, 2024 11:33:12 AM2 min read

What Does It Mean to be Customer-Centric?

In the corporate world, the term "customer-centric" is often tossed around in boardrooms and marketing materials. But does this jargon hold any real weight when the rubber meets the road? True customer-centricity transcends neatly packaged slogans; it's about actions that speak louder than words. Recently, we had the opportunity to put our customer-centric ethos through a rigorous real-world test. The result? A powerful testament to our commitment is detailed in this anonymized case study.

The situation...

As Thanksgiving 2023 approached, a frantic call landed on our desks at EntryReady. It was more of a desperate plea than a mere inquiry. A new hotel owner found himself in dire straits. The locking system of his recently acquired property had catastrophically failed, leaving many of his rooms inaccessible. This predicament meant he could not rent out rooms, and guests already staying were inconvenienced, needing assistance to enter and exit their accommodations. The system's failure wasn't just a minor hiccup; it jeopardized the very heartbeat of his business operations.

Upon contacting the original lock system provider, he was met with disheartening news. The system was out of warranty, so they would not help, and any potential assistance or replacement would take an excruciating eight weeks. Having reservations that indicated a fully booked hotel over the Thanksgiving week, this was a nightmare scenario.

Springing into action...

In his hour of need, he turned to EntryReady. This wasn't just another business call; it was a challenge, a moment of truth for our customer-centric claims. And here's how we responded:

  1. Immediate Response: The call came in on a Wednesday morning. By the afternoon, our team had rallied, gathered all necessary information, and conducted a virtual property survey.
  2. Rapid Action: A comprehensive quote was prepared and sent by late Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, the contract was signed, and the hotel owner had wired the funds, signaling the green light for us to proceed.
  3. Unmatched Speed and Precision: Our product preparation team immediately got to work. By Thursday afternoon, the locks were programmed, palletized, and handed over to the freight company for the overnight journey from Orlando to Colorado.
  4. Seamless Installation: Our installation team adjusted their schedules and flew out to Colorado, ensuring they were on-site and ready as soon as the shipment arrived. The installation kicked off Sunday morning and was completed by Tuesday evening – two days before Thanksgiving.
  5. Exceeding Expectations: The hotel owner was not just relieved; he was amazed at the speed, quality of our products, and the simplicity of our software. We didn't just solve a problem; we enhanced his operations and left a lasting impression of true customer-centricity.
The end result...

This wasn't just a win for the hotel owner but a defining moment for EntryReady. It reaffirmed our belief in our systems, people, and mission. It proved that our customer-centric claims aren't just words on paper but are deeply ingrained in our DNA, visible in our actions, and tangible in customers' experiences.

While we look forward to finalizing a detailed case study in cooperation with the hotel owner and the hotel brand, we couldn't wait to share this story. It's a narrative not just about our solutions but our dedication, agility, and unwavering commitment to our customers. This is what being genuinely customer-centric is all about, and at EntryReady, it's just how we do business.


Ed Sullivan

Chief Strategy Officer, EntryReady
Company business model design, partnerships, product marketing and sales process. Seasoned Silicon Valley Tech Exec.